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FORESIGHT® Staffing Climate Survey Announced

Novato, CA-February 10, 2011: Catalyst Systems, LLC of Novato, CA, announced the release of its new online FORESIGHT®Staffing Climate Survey (SCS). This one of a kind measure taps work related factors that affect perceptions of the staffing climate beyond just the number of staff. Three major domains comprise the SCS including: Staffing Adequacy, Care Climate, and Care Quality. Scale items include such factors such as teamwork, co-worker expertise, handoff communications, support from other departments, staffing, skill mix, ADT, patient acuity, and other staffing adequacy related issues, as well as care climate, and care quality concerns. This online survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and there are versions for registered nurses as well as other health care disciplines. A comprehensive results report is provided to each client organization. Survey findings support evidence-based leadership decisions related to staffing, care quality, and the care climate at the unit, organization, and system level.

“Given today’s staffing needs and the necessary emphasis on quality, cost, and patient safety, understanding how staff view the adequacy of staffing, patient care quality, and the care climate are crucial elements in a well-rounded evidence base for staffing related decisions.” says Catalyst Founder and CEO, Holly De Groot, PhD, RN, FAAN. Dr. De Groot went on to observe that “client response to this important survey has been overwhelmingly positive, having already affected many organizational decisions among our health care clientele.” Dr. De Groot, also an adjunct Clinical Professor at the UCSF School of Nursing graduate leadership program, cites the ongoing need for “valid, reliable, and relevant measures in healthcare that provide actionable data to health care leaders”.

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