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Measuring what matters most for over 25 years, Catalyst’s products, services, and expert consultants help organizations to implement valid, reliable, relevant, and renewable healthcare staffing and care delivery processes and data that improve patient care and the bottom line.

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EVALISYS ® Patient Classification System

Organizations have been successfully using EVALISYS® Patient Classification System (PCS) to predict patient care requirements and staffing for over twenty-five years. Designed to be vendor neutral from the start, EVALISYS® PCS is the only acuity system that integrates with any EHR and Staffing/Scheduling System.  Once you implement EVALISYS®you’ll never need to buy another acuity/patient classification system again.   EVALISYS® PCS comes to you valid, reliable, and ready to use. If you are looking for a scientifically sound, professionally proven patient classification system with established validity and reliability that ties to staffing in a flexible, budget neutral way, EVALISYS® PCS is the right choice.

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FORESIGHT ® Staff Activity Study

One of the best organizational strategies to provide high value patient care is to ensure that healthcare professionals are spending their time appropriately, in the high order, top of license care activities that are hallmarks of professional practice.  Patient care quality, safety, and effectiveness all depend on staff practice patterns that are consistent with best practice professional role expectations.  Using staff resources wisely is fundamental to positive patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and cost-effective care.

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FORESIGHT ® Staffing Climate Survey

This one of a kind online measure taps work related factors that affect how clinicians view the Staffing Climate on individual units or healthcare service areas.  The Staffing Climate is an important staffing related construct fundamental to the overall work environment in healthcare. Three major factors comprise the Staffing Climate as measured by the Staffing Climate Survey including:  Staffing Adequacy, Care Climate, and Care Quality.  Staffing Climate Survey items include demographics, as well as assessment factors such as teamwork, co-worker expertise, handoff communications, support from other departments, staffing, skill mix, ADT, patient acuity, and other care and quality related issues.

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FORESIGHT ® Staffing Systems Assessment™

The Staffing Systems Assessment™ provides an expert, evidence-based, comprehensive evaluation of your staffing system, from top to bottom. This complete assessment process highlights opportunities to improve your staffing operations to reflect leadership best practices. This thorough process involves an in-depth analysis of your existing staffing methods, policies, procedures, practices, and outcomes, providing a complete picture of your staffing system. The Staffing Systems Assessment™ also focuses on financial and productivity reporting, budget development and management, labor contracts, position control, as well as staff scheduling; patient assignments, temporary staffing utilization, variance reporting, and more.

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