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EVALISYS ® Patient Classification System

For All the Right Reasons

Organizations have been successfully using EVALISYS® Patient Classification System (PCS) to predict patient care requirements and staffing for over twenty-five years. Designed to be vendor neutral from the start, EVALISYS® PCS is the only acuity system that integrates with any EHR and Staffing/Scheduling System.  Once you implement EVALISYS®you’ll never need to buy another acuity/patient classification system again.   EVALISYS® PCS comes to you valid, reliable, and ready to use. If you are looking for a scientifically sound, professionally proven patient classification system with established validity and reliability that ties to staffing in a flexible, budget neutral way, EVALISYS® PCS is the right choice.

This easy to use family of care interaction tools are not task or frequency-based, or buried in the background of your EHR, unseen by other care professionals.  Instead, EVALISYS® PCS makes patient/family care visible by highlighting the structured nursing assessments of the most relevant indicators of care.  Preferred by staff, managers, and leaders alike, EVALISYS® PCS is:

  • Valid
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Budget Neutral
  • Relevant
  • Patient Focused
  • Renewable
  • Population Based
  • Transparent
  • Easy to Integrate

And, EVALISYS® PCS is the only system with tool versions for virtually every inpatient and outpatient clinical area and specialty, including medical-surgical, critical care, intermediate care, neonatal intensive care, well-baby nursery, perinatal, behavioral health, acute and sub-acute rehabilitation, emergency, ambulatory care, perioperative services, long term care, home care, public health, dialysis, infusion centers, and other community based services.

EVALISYS® PCS ties to inpatient staffing using flexible staffing matrices that are based on each unit’s own patient population and data, creating reality-based, budget neutral staffing predictions.  Our innovative and practical methodology is fully compatible with major staffing and scheduling software and clinical information systems. EVALISYS® PCS also includes staffing methods for episodic units and services that rate patient care retrospectively, such as emergency, surgery, ambulatory care, and infusion centers.

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