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FORESIGHT ® Staff Activity Study

One of the best organizational strategies to provide high value patient care is to ensure that healthcare professionals are spending their time appropriately, in the high order, top of license care activities that are hallmarks of professional practice.  Patient care quality, safety, and effectiveness all depend on staff practice patterns that are consistent with best practice professional role expectations.  Using staff resources wisely is fundamental to positive patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and cost-effective care.

Professional practice patterns, actual care hours provided by patient care level, and the FTEs and costs associated with each are critical indicators of care delivery system effectiveness.  Because some care delivery models make better use of professional staff than others, objective assessment of your organization’s care patterns provides the most comprehensive way to assure that your clinical staff resources are used effectively.  Ensuring the best use of professional staff has always been important, but it is even more critical now when resources are limited and reimbursement is tied to patient outcomes and positive patient experiences.

The FORESIGHT® Staff Activity Study (Study) is the cornerstone of Catalyst’s evidence-based patient care, staff utilization, productivity, and patient/family workload assessment process.  Designed to provide a highly accurate picture of professional staff practice patterns, actual patient/family care provided, clinician staffing adequacy perceptions, as well as associated costs and FTEs, Study results are used to determine the effectiveness of your current practice models for licensed and unlicensed staff in all clinical disciplines across all inpatient and outpatient settings. Study results are benchmarked against Catalyst’s FORESIGHT® database, providing an in-depth comparative analysis of patient care, practice patterns, workload, costs, and overall productivity.

When patient care, practice patterns, productivity, patient workload, and staffing adequacy perceptions are made visible, the resulting evidence-base provides a clear roadmap for improving care processes and outcomes.  FORESIGHT® Study results provide your organization with clear avenues of action aimed at achieving higher value patient care, whether it is for first-time baseline data, or an ongoing process of patient care improvement.

Catalyst’s FORESIGHT® Staff Activity Study provides a powerful, best practice evidence-base for healthcare organizations interested in creating and maintaining high value patient care environments.  FORESIGHT® analytics have supported peak performance and effective care delivery in healthcare organizations of all types and sizes.

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