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FORESIGHT ® Staffing Climate Survey

What is the FORESIGHT® Staffing Climate Survey?

This one of a kind online measure taps work related factors that affect how clinicians view the Staffing Climate on individual units or healthcare service areas. The Staffing Climate is an important staffing related construct fundamental to the overall work environment in healthcare. Three major factors comprise the Staffing Climate as measured by the Staffing Climate Survey including: Staffing Adequacy, Care Climate, and Care Quality. Staffing Climate Survey items include demographics, as well as assessment factors such as teamwork, co-worker expertise, handoff communications, support from other departments, staffing, skill mix, ADT, patient acuity, and other care and quality related issues.

Why should we use the Staffing Climate Survey?

Catalyst’s Staffing Climate Survey is the only valid and reliable measure that focuses on the Staffing Climate and staff’s view of the adequacy of staffing, the care climate, and care quality on each healthcare unit or service area. Given today’s complex care environment and the necessary emphasis on quality, cost, patient safety, and patient engagement, understanding Staffing Climate perceptions is a crucial element in a well-rounded, best practice evidence base for healthcare leaders.

How long does the FORESIGHT® Staffing Climate Survey take to complete?

This online survey takes about ten minutes to complete and there are versions for registered nurses as well as other health care staff.

Are my survey responses anonymous?

Yes. No one will know the identity of any survey participants. The survey data go directly to the Catalyst Systems survey website where the anonymous data is aggregated and the findings are analyzed.

How long is the administration period for the Staffing Climate Survey?

The FORESIGHT® Staffing Climate Survey is typically administered over a three week period to insure that all staff who wish to participate in this voluntary survey have a chance to respond.

What will be done with the Staffing Climate Survey results?

A comprehensive results report is provided to each client organization. Survey findings provide actionable data that support evidence-based improvement decisions related to staffing adequacy, care quality, and the care climate at the unit, organization, and system level.

Who is Catalyst Systems?

Catalyst Systems, the evidence-based staffing® company, specializes in precision staffing methods, patient classification/acuity, workflow and staff activity studies, staffing and care delivery system evaluation, and staffing related surveys for healthcare. Measuring what matters most for over 25 years, Catalyst’s products, services, and expert nurse consultants help organizations nation-wide to implement valid, reliable, relevant, and renewable staffing and care delivery processes and data that improve patient care and the bottom line. Contact us today at