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FORESIGHT ® Staffing Systems Assessment

What is Catalyst’s Staffing Assessment Process?

The Staffing Systems Assessment™ provides an expert, evidence-based, comprehensive evaluation of your staffing system, from top to bottom. This complete assessment process highlights opportunities to improve your staffing operations to reflect leadership best practices. This thorough process involves an in-depth analysis of your existing staffing methods, policies, procedures, practices, and outcomes, providing a complete picture of your staffing system. The Staffing Systems Assessment™ also focuses on financial and productivity reporting, budget development and management, labor contracts, position control, as well as staff scheduling; patient assignments, temporary staffing utilization, variance reporting, and more.

How does the Staffing Assessment work?

The Staffing Systems Assessment™ process consists of two phases: Documents Review and Interviews. A thorough review of all relevant organizational documents is conducted prior to our onsite visit. Then our highly experienced nursing consulting team conducts onsite individual and group interviews with key stakeholders at all levels of your organization. The interview process allows us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your staffing system, with special emphasis on problem identification and remediation.

What outcomes can I expect from Catalyst’s Staffing Assessment Process?

Catalyst’s comprehensive staffing assessment results in actionable findings and recommendations aimed at fully strengthening your staffing system operations. Catalyst’s Staffing Systems Assessment™ provides your organization with a blueprint for action that will improve staffing precision and your bottom line.

Why should I choose Catalyst Systems for our Staffing Assessment Process?

Catalyst Systems has provided healthcare organizations with the industry’s leading staffing and care delivery system assessment solutions for over 25 years, earning us a reputation for expert consulting, and innovative, reality-based recommendations. Known and respected as the evidence-based staffing® company, Catalyst clients have access to benchmarks from FORESIGHT®, the largest objective database of its type for staffing workload, practice patterns, staff productivity, and staffing climate perceptions. Committed to leadership best practices for staffing related decisions, Catalyst offers comprehensive, enterprise-wide evaluation of staffing, workload, and utilization effectiveness for all care disciplines. Contact us today to experience the Catalyst difference at