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An Evidence-Based Staffing® Model That Works for You

From the beginning, Catalyst has understood that cost-effective, high value care delivery depends on the interaction of four crucial elements:

  • How accurately patient/family care needs are measured and applied
  • The amount of time licensed staff spend in high order, top of license activities
  • How often the right number and type of staff needed for patient care are actually available
  • How the Staffing Climate is perceived by clinical personnel

Catalyst’s Evidence-Based Staffing® Model

Our focus on these fundamental factors has led to a family of products and services designed to strengthen organizational decision-making, from shift-to-shift staffing, patient assignments, and skill mix determination, to variance monitoring, annual budget development and management, staff satisfaction, and care model refinement.

With Catalyst, you get valid, reliable, and relevant measures and processes for evidence-based decisions in healthcare® and all the right tools to achieve and maintain productive, high value patient care.

Empowering with evidence